Living The Vegan Life

For those who remembered that I did a blog post called '50 Facts About Me', you would know that one of the facts that I mentioned was that I'm a Vegan, but what you probably don't know is that it's more of a recent thing rather than something I have done for a very long... Continue Reading →

What To Bring For Comic Con

This is probably the most weirdest blog post I have ever done, but I thought I should do it since I'll be going to London Comic Con for one of the days that it's happening this weekend and I'm so excited because it'll be my first time going and seeing everything there and I am... Continue Reading →

50 Facts About Me

I've been running this blog for a while now and I literally just thought of doing a '50 facts' blog post for you all because there are some people who view my blog and don't really know much about me and I thought 50 things was enough for now since I don't want to share... Continue Reading →

Being In The Crowd or Being In The Ring?

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while since I've last blogged about something, but there has been some things that have been going on in my own life, other than everyday life stuff, wrestling homework (or in other words, watching wrestling matches as a way to help myself become better at some things than... Continue Reading →

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