Welcome To My Blog!

Hey there potential blog readers. This is the ‘Official Miss Peggy Blog’. (Yeah, I get that it’s a very crappy name, but it suited best for me and what the blog is all about.) I have thought about getting into the whole blogging thing officially for a while now and I did have a feeling that it wouldn’t work, but I knew it was something I wanted to do and I’m glad I’m actually doing it. Frankly I just really needed a space where I can say what I want and express myself in a way that doesn’t piss people off because I tend to do that a lot without even trying and I don’t really have the easiest life.

If you don’t know, I’m a Professional Wrestler starting out on the UK Independent Circuit. In fact, I’m not even part of any of the big Independent shows and that kind of makes it obvious that I’m starting out as well as the fact that I just got into it not so long ago. Either way, being a Wrestler has been a dream of mine since I was 9 or 10 years old and the fact that I started training and had my first ever match at 19 years old makes it feel like a reality (I started training to wrestle in November 2016 and had my first match in February 2017. Crazy eh?) and I hope to go all the way.

So as for this space, if you’ve seen the ‘About Me’ bit on here, you would get an idea of what you’re going to see on here. Obviously this isn’t all about my career, but it’s about my life (Including my career at times). I know it’ll probably be boring AF to see and that it’ll be nothing new, but I am such a random person in real life and I don’t even need to say it myself since I’ve had witnesses see that too and they can say so themselves.

Hopefully you’ll all keep checking out my blog and I promise I will put up new stuff when I can.



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