Being In The Crowd or Being In The Ring?

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while since I’ve last blogged about something, but there has been some things that have been going on in my own life, other than everyday life stuff, wrestling homework (or in other words, watching wrestling matches as a way to help myself become better at some things than I am since there are wrestling moves that I can do naturally while some moves I need to work on) and working on ideas for my character. I won’t give any of that away since I want to save it for show, but I hope it turns out good either way.

Anyway, enough of that stuff. Recently I went to see Insane Championship Wrestling live in Bristol and I thought about sharing my experiences as a wrestling fan from that day. Now first off, I did start watching ICW when I was 17 after seeing a video of Drew Galloway making his return to the company after being released by WWE back in 2014 and I have always loved everything about it. But I didn’t find out it was an over 18s show until I was 18 and I’ve so far been to 3 shows, with this one that I’ll be talking about being my third ever time going to an ICW show live. But let’s get on with it anyways since you all must be wondering about the experience. So like the other two shows I’ve been to, this one was awesome. ICW is definitely one of a kind and if I had enough money, I’d go to every event they have because I can never get enough of watching it.

So to keep it short, I did have VIP entry to this one and I got to meet Trent Seven and Pete Dunne and the talk I had with Trent Seven was really something. Basically we all got our free t-shirts to go with having to go in earlier than the others along with meeting the wrestlers. At one point, I noticed the ICW Heavyweight Championship on the merchandise table and I wanted to have a look at it and Trent (Who’s the current champion) noticed I was having a look at it and he took it off of me for a few seconds before I said that I was just having a look and I wasn’t going to steal it, so I got to have a look at it again. Then Trent and Pete showed the British Strong Style merchandise that was available and I wanted to double check on if we had to pay for it (I did think it would be too much if we got everything for free) and Trent said we did and I did think he was coming out a bit too aggressive when he said that we had to pay and that we did get a free shirt already and I then responded that I wanted to be sure of it and because of the way our conversation went, he called me ‘cocky’ and that he likes me, which I felt really appreciated about it for a girl who’s not well liked. By the way, I did get a photo with them, which is right here:


Then after all of that, everyone came in and then the show started. Well, kind of. I mean Simon Cassidy (ICW’s Ring Announcer) came out and then he announced Billy Kirkwood (ICW’s Main Commentator) and honestly every time Billy is in the ring, it is nothing but laughs. Now I actually do have a bit of history with talking to Billy Kirkwood while he’s in the ring and I’m behind the barrier. Not gonna lie. At my second ICW show, Billy spoke to my friend Kyle who was stood next to me at the show and they had a bit of chatting going on, then Billy noticed me next to Kyle and asked if I was his girlfriend, which we both confirmed that we’re not dating and that we’re just friends. If you were at that show, you may remember that one. Now at this show I went to, At this show I went to recently, Billy was talking to a guy in the audience and he tried to get the guy to make a reaction and it was taking a long time to try and get things going, so I said to Kyle (Who was stood next to me again) that we were gonna be there all day, but even though I had a bad throat, that did catch his attention and he even said stuff to me like,’We can be here all day if we want to.’ and ‘I’m not the TV, I can fucking hear you.’ and everyone laughed at what Billy said to me, including myself before I had a ‘Okay, calm down mate’ look on my face, then he said some other stuff and apologized to me for going off at me like he did and I said it’s okay because I’m too forgiving, even though I knew it was just for show, kind of.

To be honest, it was a good show. One good thing was that I got to see some of my favourite ICW wrestlers, such as Kenny Williams, Jack Jester, Joe Coffey, Polo Promotions, The New Age Kliq, Charlie Sterling (Who I learnt is originally from Bath, as well as me, but his Social Media says he’s originally from Bristol, but at least we’re both city people), Wolfgang and definitely Joe Hendry, but it did suck that Drew Galloway wasn’t there since he is one of my favourites as well, but seeing my other faves and some new faces to ICW was good enough. Of course I routed for my faves and I definitely gave Simon Cassidy a surprise when I screamed while Joe Hendry made his entrance. Sadly I didn’t do it in Joe’s presence, so he never looked at me, unlike at the last show I was at where I caught his attention easy peasy. Well to be fair, I did meet him before that show, unlike this one. Probably you can tell I’m a huge Joe Hendry fan. Well I did wear his shirt to the show and that kind of gave it away. But one thing I didn’t like about going to ICW shows isthat there’s zero seating and security is always pushing fans out of the way to make sure everyone was safe. Personally I wouldn’t mind taking a hit from an ICW wrestler to be honest. I was actually more concerned about my handbag that I brought with me. (Yep, that’s me being both a girly girl and a tomboy all at once.) Plus I really hate it when I’m stuck in a small space and can’t get out. It’s not really Claustrophobia since I don’t suffer like a Claustrophobic, but that is my main issue at times. But it was great. Also if I did have the chance to work for ICW, whether it’s a one time only thing or full time, obviously I would take that chance because I love ICW and I love wrestling.

Now that was talking about me being a fan. Let’s get onto actually being in the ring and doing some action. Honestly I’m the kind of person who does get scared when I have to be in front of people doing something, like public speaking, doing a talent or just drawing attention when I’m not doing anything worth attention drawing. Story of my life. But I do know that one thing about doing a sport of any kind is that it’s a lot different than being a dancer or singer, because dancing and singing involves looking at the crowd at all times because they’ll be looking at you. While wrestling is a lot different because your main focus is your opponent and not the crowd because if you always look at the crowd instead of what you’re doing, you could get seriously injured, or killed, and that’s the last thing you want. Anyway, at my last show that I did, it was last month and I did a show in Radstock for a small promotion called Ring Wrestling Stars and I can tell you that being one of the entertainers is way different than being one of the entertained. Either way, it is a lot of fun and I was definitely a main favourite at that show. Probably because of the short amount of females or it could be another reason that I don’t want to say in case anyone I work with see’s this and thinks I’m being a fricking bimbo for saying it. Now if you are or have been in the wrestling business, you would obviously know the struggle of what it’s like being in a ring in front of a number of people as well as everything else that comes along with it. Also as a newbie, the struggle is real when you don’t know what you’re doing most of the time unless someone tells you and then you start to understand.

I know I didn’t really explain much about the wrestler side of things, but this isn’t a free behind the scenes of how everything works with doing a wrestling show. I mean I could do that if I wanted to, but this isn’t a wrestling blog.



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