My Favourite Things About Spring

So it’s the first day of Spring and I thought I should at least do something spring related for you all because I want to and it’s a bit of a good ‘Getting to know me’ post, kind of, and it actually is the best time to blog about Spring. Now if I have to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Spring. Well there are some things that I do hate about Spring while there are also things that I love about Spring too. But I thought I should at least say my favourite things about Spring to make things positive on here because we don’t need all of that negativity that goes around on the internet. I’m not too sure about this, but maybe we will share some common interests about this. I don’t know, but here’s my favourite things about Spring.

⦁ Flowers – Normally I’m not the girliest girl ever. In fact, I’m a mixture of Girly and Tomboyish. But when I was in school, I literally loved picking flowers off the ground when there was times when we would be allowed on the school field (Both when I was in Primary and Secondary School, obviously) and I’ve always loved picking daisies and buttercups. Although I never could (And still never can) make a daisy chain and I never understood how having someone put a buttercup against your chin meant whether or not you like butter. If it was a true theory though, I’m sure everyone who either hated butter or was allergic to it wouldn’t be able to reflect yellow on their chins when they had a buttercup against it compared to those who do love it and aren’t allergic. Anyway, all of this stuff really did happen in the Summer, but there’s never a wrong time to pick some flowers. Just only when there isn’t any, but it was a lot of fun for me as a child, and I loved picking flowers. As for these days, I do suffer from Hay Fever, so I don’t do it as much anymore, but it’s good to keep your memories alive.

⦁ Mother’s Day – If you’re from the UK, you can relate. In fact, Mother’s Day is in March for the Brits and I know that this is a day to be grateful and to be thankful to have a mother in your life. Well I do feel bad for those who don’t (Sorry). But as for me, my brothers and I have been raised by a single mother and I’m glad that there are three people in my life who never either gave up on me or walked out on me when I needed them and of course my mum is one of them, so I’m glad to have her in my life and it should be a day that is worth celebrating. I mean your mums did bring you into the world and do as much as they can to make sure you turn out right.

⦁ Spring Cleaning – Yes, even someone like me is into the Spring Cleaning thing. I know I definitely have to get to doing that because my room is a mess and I never have got to it since I’ve been in and out of places and when I’m in the one place, I don’t have a lot of motivation to keep me up and at it. Probably because we just had Winter and it’s never easy trying to keep going with things when you look around and see everything looking dim. Although I do get some motivation no matter how it looks around me. But still, everyone must love Spring Cleaning of any kind.

⦁ Longer Day Times Than In The Winter – Even though I do love the Winter and everything about it, the one thing I hate is when it’s early in the morning and it looks like it’s 11 in the evening. If I have to be completely honest with you, I cannot take it when it’s morning and it looks like it’s midnight. Really? I just feel like I’ve been asleep for 1 hour rather than 7-8 hours on an off day, even if my body feels like it’s got enough sleep. So brighter mornings I love while I am not a fan of brighter evenings. But at least everything looks nicer.

⦁ Spring Colours – This isn’t really something that I thought I would say that I’m interested in about Spring, since I’m more into Autumn and Winter colours over Spring and Summer colours, but I love seeing how the seasons change all year around and it’s always a sign for me that it’s a new season, as well as Google having a graphic that tells you it’s the first day of a season. In fact, I found out today is the first day of Spring because of Google’s ‘First Day of Spring’ graphic.

⦁ Wanting To Go Out More – Well, to be fair, I always want to go out no matter what time of year it is, but without having a heavy jacket to wear makes it a bit better, even though I LOVE jackets for someone like myself (Obviously as I do go out to the ring with a jacket on), but just not a heavy one because of the pain of having to put it on when you’re outside and having to take it off when it’s too warm inside. At least hoodies have been invented for those not too cold days. But yeah, I do like going out when it’s a bit warmer, but not too warm, like when it’s the Summer. Bitches like me can’t take that kind of shit.

⦁ April Showers – I really don’t like rain at all, but I think that something about the April Showers is really something that tells me it’s Spring. One being that April is a month that is in Spring and just getting rain during Spring is good for when it’s Summer and there’s all that sun coming out and the plants will look a whole lot refreshed. I mean plants are living things too and they need stuff to keep alive like human beings and animals do. Well, plants don’t really need food or shelter, so not exactly. No I’m not a hippy. I did do Science in school and I know this stuff for someone who isn’t the best at Science.

⦁ Easter Treats – Now obviously I’m an Atheist, so I don’t really celebrate Easter at all, but having one day where you eat a lot of chocolate is the shit for me because being a Professional Wrestler, I do have to watch what I eat to be in good form (As well as do exercise) and I will admit that I do get a sweet tooth at times, but I have had to cut off and cut back a lot in my diet. I don’t even have a cheat day, even though a Q&A video on YouTube that I watched (That was all about being a Professional Wrestler) said that having a cheat day at least once a week is good for you, but when you’re me and want to be in the best shape of your life, there’s a lot of sacrifices. But yeah, eating chocolate at Easter time is what I love because it’s the one time when I can have sugar and fat once a year. But it is hard to work off. Can’t lie there. By the way, no I’m not disrespecting Easter. I really do get chocolate eggs at Easter for someone who isn’t religious.

⦁ My Birthday – For those that don’t know, my birthday is indeed during the Spring time. Actually, it’s in April, which technically is the spring time. But seriously though. Who doesn’t love birthdays? I may be turning 20 this year, but I do have mixed feelings about it since being a teenager has been shit for me and I do want to be at least one number away from that forever while I will feel like I’m getting old. Well I’ve been feeling like I’m getting old since I was 18. Not sure why, but it could be that I matured fast or because I can’t keep up to date with our youth. Well not everyone can, so it can be anything.

Happy Spring everyone and sorry if my list was crap. This is why I don’t even think I’m good enough to work for WhatCulture. That and I can’t do full time work everyday at this moment.



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