My Favourite Things About Summer

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while since I last put something up on the blog, but I’ve been up to a lot, which the main bits are training to improve in the ring and also home life, but there are others, but I’d rather not make a list of them all since I’d rather not get too crazy on this post. Anyway, for today, I’ve decided to do a ‘Favourite things about Summer’ post for you all and if I have to be frank with you all. I’m really not a Summer person at all. Obviously any of those who know me and see me at the end of the Summer still pale as a Vampire would know that by now. That and the fact that I hate tanning of any kind, whether it’s a sun tan or a spray tan. I hate them all. Besides, I’ve tried fake tan before and it made me look like an oompa loompa after one coat. So I’m never doing it again. But of course I do have some of my favourite things about Summer. Not a lot, but some. So here they are.

⦁ Wearing Sunglasses All Season Long – I will admit that I always need any kind of excuse to wear sunglasses, but when you’re in the UK (Where it has barely any sun, unless it comes in and out during the Summer), there’s zero reasons why you should wear sunglasses, except on a Sunny day when you need to wear them. But to be fair, sunglasses are my favourite accessory (I’m not a fashionista at all by the way) and if I wanted to, I’d wear them with anything. Now I’m not too sure on what else to say on sunglasses now because I’m not that creative when it comes to writing.

⦁ Swimming – To be fair, I love to swim all year round for many reasons. The main reason being that it’s good exercise for you, but for the Summer, it’s a good thing for you when it’s hot outside during the Summer and you need to cool down. Well that’s what I was told. Honestly swimming is one of my most favourite sports to do, even if there’s the downsides to it as well as upsides. The main downside is getting chlorine in your hair and when you don’t wash your hair after getting out of the pool and your hair gets dry, it feels horrible. I’d know since I’ve been there. But other than that, I love it.

⦁ Ice Cream – Yes, I do love ice cream. Always have, always will, including the many flavours that I’ve had. Main ones have always been Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, but I’ve tried other flavours later on in life and now I can go for anything, but as long as there’s chocolate chips or else it’s not as fun. Yep, I did say that. Although trying new kinds of ice cream is fun too and I know for sure that I’m definitely doing that this year.

⦁ Theme Park Trips – OK, usually I don’t go to theme parks all the time, but I did think about the time that I went to Thorpe Park with a big group of people from college (When I was in my first year at college) and let me say that it was so much fun. No I didn’t get to go on Saw: The Ride. I actually did want to go on it, but being someone who usually has a fear of being up in the air, I couldn’t go on it at all. But I did get to go on some of the other rides too and it was so much fun that day and if I were to get the chance to go back one day, I would.

⦁ Sweating (Or Glowing) Easier After A Workout – When it’s hot out, you sweat. There’s no denying it. But it’s better to sweat during the Summer because it’s actually a time when you can tell that you’re working hard when you’re doing a workout. As for working out in the Winter or when it’s cold, the only way you can tell you’re working hard is when you’re warn out and there’s no way that anyone would want to be feeling muscles pains from working too hard. Of course I don’t mean that you should stop once you’re sweating. It just means you’re working hard. That’s all. So keep on working it.

⦁ Being In The Shade – Confession time: I’m definitely not the kind of person who likes to be out in the sun for too long. No, I’m not afraid of the sun. I know that the sun gives you Vitamin D, but one known fact about me is that I burn easily in the sun for a certain amount of time, like my skin pigment is like a natural red-head’s and I’m not a red-head at all. So that’s why I’m use to the shade and if anything, I just feel more cool in the shade (If there’s the wind blowing in the air, and I don’t mean farting obviously.) because it just makes me feel more comfortable. Yeah, go on and judge.

⦁ Mini Golf – Even though you can do this whenever, I do love to play golf, even the virtual kind. (Wow, I need to get out more.) But I know the last time I did play real golf, it was fun, but also frustrating, but fun. OK, I proved my point. But either way, I love it.

⦁ Seeing Hot Air Balloons – In England, hot air balloon spotting is a sign that it’s Summer, or that it’s getting warm and it’s a good time to go hot hair balloon riding. Well, I wouldn’t do it because I’d want to jump out before the hot air balloon got off the ground. But spotting hot air balloons was the shit when I was little and I use to love it. I think I still do these days, but I haven’t noticed many as of late. Who knows why?

⦁ Doing A Lot Of Wrestling Shows – Yes, even the wrestlers want to entertain the fans in the Summer. Now obviously when it comes to wrestling, it’s an all year around thing every year. In Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, there is wrestling happening and the only time off we get is when recovering from injuries as well as pregnancies (When it comes to the ladies obviously) but to be honest, I love to wrestle and I’m so glad I’m doing it or else I’d probably have taken my own life already. But yeah, it’s just fun to do shows and even when it’s during the Summer, it’s fricking awesome.

⦁ Earlier Mornings and Brighter Evenings – One thing I like about getting up in the morning when it’s Summer is that the sun gets up before I do, so it’s a lot easier for me to wake up, although sometimes I’m not the biggest fan of it, unless it’s necessary. But also the brighter evenings give me less Anxiety because I never worry that I’ll get kidnapped when it’s dark outside. Well, at least something like that, although it doesn’t give me the right feel when it’s still daytime in the evening. But it’s still a sign of Summer.

So those are my favourite things about Summer. Some of them are probably lame as ever, but it’s how I feel to be honest. But at least I did come up with some, right?



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