Book Review – Girl Online Series (1-3)

I know that this is completely different than something that I would post on here, but I thought that I should do a book review on here because I do want to share things that I love and yes, I do love reading books, even though my book collection is tiny compared to other people on YouTube and stuff like that where their book collections are massive. But reading is something I love and I want to review some books because I want to, and not because anyone asked me to read a book and review it. Honestly I’d never get asked that in a million years, so if this happens again, it’s not a request, unless I say so. But of course I’m doing this because I want to and I did think that while I have a blog and some books on my shelf, I should share your thoughts with the rest of the world since there’s no point of leaving them once they’ve been read.

So for my first book review, I’ve decided to do an entire book series, which is basically all of the books from a book series that are all currently out right now and if you can tell from the title, you can see that I’ll be reviewing the Girl Online series. (Warning: May contain spoilers, but I’m not too sure since I just typed this part up before discussing any of the books, so that’s why I said it may contain spoilers. But I’ll try not to spoil it too much for all of you so that those of you who do want to read it can be surprised about what the rest will contain.) For those of you who aren’t aware of any of the novels from the Girl Online series, they’ve all been written by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) who’s a YouTuber and Blogger who covers all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle and she also has a Beauty range called ‘Zoella Beauty’ as well as a lifestyle range called ‘Zoella Lifestyle’. (No, I won’t be reviewing the beauty range on here, but I would review the lifestyle range if I ever got the chance to get it.)

As for the ‘Girl Online’ novels, the entire series is about a teenage school girl called Penny Porter, who lives in Brighton, England, and she has her own blog called ‘Girl Online’ that she uses to talk to her readers about her everyday life, going through Anxiety and Panic Attacks as well as talking about her friends (But everyone in Penny’s life have code names (Kind of), so no one knows their real names) and she also has a relationship with Noah Flynn, who’s a teenage rock star from New York and even that is covered in the Girl Online blog as well. But in the books, all the story plots are different (Obviously), so you’ll see things getting interesting throughout reading all the books.

So the first novel (Girl Online) is based at Christmas time and pretty much Penny goes through all of the everyday life stuff that a teenage school girl goes through, including the ‘Holy shit!’, or embarrassing, moments and for Christmas, Penny’s parents take her and her best friend Elliot to New York (As the parents are planning a Christmas themed wedding) and there Penny meets Noah, whom she knew was a New Yorker who could play guitar, and they spend time together during her family’s trip to the other side of the pond and everything is even mentioned on her blog. Then soon, Penny finds out who Noah really is and soon her life changes even more in so many ways. But if you want to find out more about it, you’ll have to read it and find out.

(This part may contain spoilers on the first book. Just getting it out there.)
The sequel (Girl Online: On Tour) is based during the Summer holidays, which is about 6 months after the ending of the first novel and at this time, Girl Online has been shut down (Really it’s been set to private, so only a short number of people can see what she blogs about) and also Noah invites Penny to go on tour with him and his band. But let’s just say that life on tour isn’t what it turned out to be for Penny, especially when your rock star boyfriend is always busy when it comes to that kind of life and also having an unknown person send threatening messages to her and Elliot. Also Penny starts to miss her home (Brighton), her family and friends as well as publicly posting on Girl Online. Of course you’ll need to read it to find out everything that happens.

(This part may contain spoilers from the first and second book. Once again, just getting it out there.)
The third book is based during the new school year (Which every new academic year starts in September when you live in England) and apparently, Noah has been off the radar since ending his tour early and the break up with Penny and no one knows where he is. Also Penny is starting Sixth Form at her school. But one day, Penny’s friend Megan invites her to look around her new Performing Arts School in London, England where she makes a few new friends to help her get her mind off of Noah. One of them is a girl called Posey, who suffers from Stage Fright and Penny helps her to overcome it, while another one is a guy called Callum, who’s from Scotland and is an enthusiast in photography, like Penny, and they even try to start a relationship. Also Elliot has been a need of Penny’s help too with things he’s been going through with his family life. Now this is all I’m giving you, so if you want to check out everything that happens, you’ll have to read the book.

In my opinion, I really do love these books. I’ve even read them myself (Which is why I know what happens in them) and normally I see films where celebrities fall in love with ordinary people and never have I seen something like this happen in real life (Unless two have known each other before the celebrity was famous, they’ve remained in contact ever since and they’ve started something together, which I feel is more likely to happen), but if it has happened in real life, then I guess those of us who believed that stuff like this would’ve never happened have been told wrong. But anyways, Girl Online is awesome, it’s a must-read and I hope a forth novel comes out soon because I really want to see if anything else is coming afterwards.



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