50 Facts About Me

I’ve been running this blog for a while now and I literally just thought of doing a ’50 facts’ blog post for you all because there are some people who view my blog and don’t really know much about me and I thought 50 things was enough for now since I don’t want to share too much information on here. No, this isn’t a tag blog post, so no one has to do this too (Unless they want to) and this is just for fun anyway. I mean we can’t always be serious on here anyway, so we should at least have some fun. Anyway, here are ’50 Facts About Me’.

  1. If you know me personally, you’d know that my name is Megan Fry. But what not a lot people know is that I was going to be called ‘Heather’ when I was born because my mum thought I looked more like a ‘Heather’ and because everyone knew I was going to be called ‘Megan’ when I was born, ‘Heather’ became my middle name. So my full name is Megan Heather Fry.
  2. My birthday is April 10th 1997, which means my Astrology Star Sign is Aries and my Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Ox. You can probably figure out how old I am from doing the Maths. Although I do get mistaken for being older than I actually am a lot, which I found as a compliment when I was little, but these days I only don’t mind when it comes to my personality while I do mind when it comes to my appearance. Don’t know why. It’s just me.
  3. I was born and raised in Bath & North East Somerset and I also currently live in Bath, but I actually don’t have a Somerset accent while I definitely have a kind of English accent. Although I do get called a Bristolian occasionally and once someone thought I was a Londoner.
  4. I have 4 brothers called Adrian (Full-Brother who I grew up with), David (Half-Brother through my mum who I grew up with), Luke (Half-Brother through my dad who I never grew up with) and Wayne (Other Half-Brother through my dad who I never grew up with) as well as 1 sister called Carrie-Anne (Half-Sister through my dad who I never grew up with) and I’m the youngest out of all of us.
  5. I’m Half-Scottish through my mum’s side of the family because she and some of the people on that side of the family were born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. Yes, I do embrace my heritage and apparently I use to talk with a Scottish accent when I was a toddler.
  6. ‘Peggy’ became my nickname because my aunties and cousins would call me that a lot since I’ve been born and I use to hate it because I thought it was offensive. Then I found out it’s an actual female name and I grew to like it and wanted it in my wrestling name, which is how I became ‘Miss Peggy’.
  7. I did get confused for having brown eyes when I was little because of my mum and my brother Adrian having brown eyes, but these days people can see my real eye colour, which is hazel.
  8. I’m an Atheist, so I don’t have any religious beliefs. But I don’t worship Satan either, so many of you religious people can calm down and maybe learn the difference between an Atheist and a Satanist.
  9. My shoe size is a Women’s UK 6, which sometimes makes shoe shopping a bit more difficult, even though I’ve had that shoe size ever since I was in Secondary School. But I can’t wear anything with a heel or a wedge, so it’s always flats for me.
  10. I have mentioned this before on here, but I thought I should mention it again for those who may not know. I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 4 years old, but it’s a kind of High-Functioning Autism since I’m able to speak like the average human being and I have a pretty high IQ.
  11. I do inherit terrible eye sight. In fact, there are some people in my family who own a pair of glasses and either wear them all the time or just for reading, writing and going on the computer. I’m one of those people in my family who wears glasses for reading, writing and going on the computer.
  12. I do speak English (Obviously) and I have learnt how to speak a lot of Spanish and some French, but I can’t communicate in Spanish or French at all, despite being able to speak it. But I am planning to learn more Spanish and French as well as some more languages out there.
  13. I have been suffering from Anxiety and Depression for a pretty long time now and if you’re wondering, yes I do take medication for it.
  14. All my life I’ve never suffered from any allergies, until my first year at college during the Summer before the academic year ended was when I first started getting Hay Fever. Now I only suffer from Hay Fever every Summer of the year.
  15. The only phobias that I do suffer from are Acrophobia (Fear of Heights), Claustrophobia (Fear of being in small spaces) and Cleithrophobia (Fear of being trapped).
  16. I don’t have OCD at all, but I have a thing about how I organise my space and I always have to make sure it’s in its right place. I have heard it’s a sign of Autism, so it’s more likely to be that than OCD.
  17. I’ve never done (Illegal) drugs in my life and I hope it stays that way, I’ve tried smoking once when I was 15 and it was disgusting, so I never did it again, but I did Second-Hand Smoking for a short while when I was 18 because I dated a smoker and I’m never doing that again, and the only times I would drink alcohol is on special occasions (e.g. Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, etc.) or when it’s close to a special occasion and I want to get it all out of my system just in case.
  18. This is pretty obvious for those who know me pretty well, but I actually have both a girly side and a tomboy side. Not sure what some people would call it, but I prefer to call it being ‘A girly girl and a tomboy wrapped up in one’.
  19. I’m a Vegan, which has been a recent change to me and I decided to make that change because of health reasons and I also hate Animal Cruelty.
  20. I’m highly addicted to coffee that it’s gotten to the point where I get grumpy when I haven’t had one cup of coffee during the day, or two cups if I woke up really early with living the life of a Professional Wrestler.
  21. I don’t have any tattoos at the moment, but I have both my ears and my nose pierced and I use to have my navel pierced a long time ago. Also I do want to get a tattoo as well as get any new piercings someday.
  22. Some people may use their left hand for everything, some people may use their right hand for everything and some people use both hands for everything, but I tend to mix it up. I’m left-handed when it comes to writing, drawing and painting, I’m right handed when it comes to throwing a ball, swinging a bat and using a computer mouse, and I’m ambidextrous when it comes to using scissors, taking selfies, texting, typing, painting my nails and doing my make-up (Except for eye shadow and eyeliner, which I use my left hand).
  23. My first ever job I had was working as a porter in a hospital, which was the same one I was born in years ago. I enjoyed the job when I was there, but what I didn’t like about it was that because I was on a zero hour contract, I had to see what shifts were available. So even though it is a handy thing for some people, it just can’t work with me at all.
  24. As well as being a Professional Wrestler, my other dream jobs are being a Make-Up Artist and being a Writer, but mainly an Author.
  25. Not just I like to write, but I’m also a book reader. I even have quite a small amount of books in my bookcase, but the ones I really like the most are the autobiographies that celebrities write. But I also like Teen Novels, for a girl in her 20s.
  26. The first ever musical instrument I’ve ever played is the Recorder. I took a lot of lessons in Primary School and right now I’m a natural at playing it and I also own a recorder.
  27. I did go through a Gothic phase when I was in Secondary School, College and Project Search, but I grew out of it when I realised I wasn’t Goth enough and I could never be Goth enough. But I still love everything Gothic because it still fascinates me and I love the colour black. No, I don’t dress like a Goth these days.
  28. When I was in Secondary School, I use to have this ability where I could guess things (e.g. What people are going to do, Facts about them that I didn’t know before, etc.) and I’d get it right all the time. Sounds a bit like a psychic ability, but I swear I’m not at all psychic. Can’t do it anymore, except guess what people are going to say sometimes.
  29. I had braces for nearly two years. I had them put in when I was 16 and had them taken out when I was 18. Let me just say that they’ve saved my life.
  30. I have a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award that I got when I was in Year 11 at school, but since then, I’ve never worked on getting both the Silver and Gold awards at all.
  31. I have learnt a few combat sports. I did Judo for PE in Secondary School, but I completely forgot how to do it, I learnt Kickboxing in college and I still know how to do it and at the moment I’m learning Boxing as well as Pro Wrestling, so maybe I could get some Boxing and Kickboxing moves involved in any of my future Wrestling matches, but we’ll see.
  32. I’m the kind of person who always needs to do something during the day, whether it is working out, writing out blog posts, reading a book, playing a video game, watching a film or TV show. Just doing nothing isn’t something to kill my time and it has been that way since as long as I could remember.
  33. When it comes to people, I’m really emotionally attached to those who I love and care for and who are there for me 100% and I never want them to be completely out of my life no matter what. But as for people I can’t stand or those I use to love and care for who abandon me when I need them, I really want them to be out of my presence and out of my life for good or else I’m not satisfied.
  34. I currently don’t drive and I’ve never taken actual driving lessons in my entire life, even though I have played driving video games. I know, that definitely doesn’t count.
  35. Only once I’ve went Ice Skating and that one time I fell on the ice and at first I thought I hurt my back, but when I got up, my right wrist was the only thing in pain, so I injured my wrist on an ice rink. I never did get it looked at by a doctor though.
  36. I use to be able to knit, but I haven’t done it in years, so I don’t think I can anymore these days. But I can sew, by hand that is.
  37. Recently I’ve learnt (From YouTube) about DIYs and Interior Design, so I am hoping that will all be to good use when it comes to owning a home, and I also hope that if I get myself a lifetime partner that he’ll be completely alright with me deciding how to decorate our entire house, as long as he helps.
  38. I have been a fan of Professional Wrestling since I was 9-10 years old and the ones who inspired me to become a Professional Wrestler is the original Impact Wrestling Knockouts Division. As for my all time favourite wrestlers, some of them are (And in no particular order) Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lita and Trish Stratus. If you want to know about any of my other favourites, just ask me on Social Media.
  39. I have been to 1 WWE Monday Night Raw TV taping (You can’t see me since I was at the back), 3 WWE Smackdown TV tapings (One of them you can see me in the front row), Several WWE House Shows, 2 Impact Wrestling TV tapings (One of them you can see me) and 4 UK Independent shows, in the audience (2 of them you can see me).
  40. I have never met any well known celebrities who aren’t Professional Wrestlers. Although I’ve met some wrestlers who also have a career in Music. Does that count or not?
  41. I will admit this, but I am a bit of a secret geek, so I’m really into video games, comics, Sci-Fi stuff, etc. I know, it’s pretty weird for someone like me to be into it, but I am into that kind of stuff. Go on, judge me.
  42. Ever since I was about 8 or 9 years old, I’ve been really into the Animal Crossing gaming series and the first ever Animal Crossing game I’ve ever played is Animal Crossing: Wild World. I do know it’s not the first ever game, but I do want to play the first ever game as well someday. Also sometimes I wish I was to live a life like the game.
  43. I am a massive fanatic of The Minions. By that, of course I mean the yellow Minions of the Despicable Me and Minions films.
  44. Even though I don’t work out everyday, I definitely am a gym rat and I love to do at least one piece of exercise in the day or I’m not happy.
  45. When it comes to people who leave a bit of a drink at the bottom inside of a cup, mug or bottle, it really annoys me and I’m never happy until that drink has been finished and the cup/mug/bottle is fully empty.
  46. I am 100% NOT a beach person. I really hate the beach. I always have and I always will. That’s the end of it.
  47. I can’t stand feet at all. I don’t like looking at anyone’s bare feet and I also don’t like people looking at my feet if I’m ever barefoot, which is pretty rare since I hate walking around barefoot.
  48. When I do talk to people, I really hate being rudely interrupted while I’m still in the middle of a sentence and have to stop because someone interrupted.
  49. I cannot stand porn at all. I know that because I’m in my 20s right now that I should enjoy it, but I really don’t like porn at all, especially after an old boyfriend of mine made me look at one when we were dating (And underage) and I know that I’ll never again look at anything porn related or watch sex tapes.
  50. I have never done modelling in my life, like professional modeling such as walking down catwalks, doing photo shoots for things, etc. Pretty much you get the idea.

So that is 50 facts about me. I know that most of them were pretty lame, but I can only come up with the best ones in my head that I can actually think of. But there you go.



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