What To Bring For Comic Con

This is probably the most weirdest blog post I have ever done, but I thought I should do it since I’ll be going to London Comic Con for one of the days that it’s happening this weekend and I’m so excited because it’ll be my first time going and seeing everything there and I am obviously a secret geek, so of course I would be excited to enter the world of all things relating to geek stuff, like comic books, video games, etc. So obviously one thing you’ll need to do is get ready for the day because you do need to blend in as much as you can, even if you’re a first timer. Anyway, for now I’ll be showing all of you how to get ready for Comic Con as well as what I’ll be doing to get ready for Comic Con this weekend and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two from this.

1. What To Wear – As a celebrity making an appearance at Comic Con, of course they can choose to dress casually, formally or like the person they play as on TV. That’s fine obviously. But as for the fans, there’s a more different dress code for when you are actually there. I’m not saying it’s a rule, but it’s more of the ‘I’ve seen a lot of this before and I’m sure I know this is right’ thing. But not a rule. So one option can be to do Cosplay, which is when someone dresses up like characters from shows that they like (e.g. Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, The Flash, etc.) and wear their costumes all day and people will even want to have a photo with you, which is fun. Another option is dressing casual, but wearing a shirt relating to the characters you like, or if you’re a wrestling fan, wearing a wrestling t-shirt is allowed as well. I am definitely going with the dressing casual thing and wearing a t-shirt relating to a comic book character because it’s my best way to blend in to be honest.

2. Bringing Food – Comic Con is a really long day of meeting people and buying a lot of merchandise along with other things, but even events like this have lunch breaks from time to time, so a good idea to do is bring food with you if there isn’t anywhere to get food or if there’s food that you don’t like or don’t eat. Of course I’m a Vegan, so I do have to make sure everything I have is meat free and dairy free, or in other words, free of any animal products and animal-by products, but I won’t be showing off my lunch because this isn’t a food blog here.

3. Bring Other Things You May Need To Bring – So not just food and clothes you’ll need, but you’ll need other things too. No, I don’t mean ‘shelter’ since that’ll already be provided when you get there. I mean other things, like bottles of water to keep hydrated while you’re there, chargers for your phone in case it runs out (I do highly recommend getting a portable charger, so you can take your phone with you while you charge it, and make sure the charger is at full battery), something to take with you for entertainment while taking the journey there (e.g. a Book, an iPad or a portable gaming console), a camera or your phone to take pictures and videos of the day, enough money to buy things you want from Comic Con, etc. Just the stuff you really need pretty much.

4. Find Out Information – London Comic Con (The one I’m going to) does 3 days and depending on what days you go, you’ll need to find out as much information as you can about what’s going on. Firstly, finding out who will be there for appearances on the day you’ll be going. Why is this important? Because if you want to meet people from a show or film that you like, you need to know if they will be there on the day you’re going to be there, and then feel disappointed before the day comes to find out they won’t be there or feel excited when you find out they will. Secondly, you’ll need to see what else is there and see if there’s anything you like the look of. But do remember that you need to find out information on those things that are happening BEFORE you decide to check it out because you don’t want to make any regrets if you do it and decide to call it quits because you found out what it was really about. Thirdly, look at a map of everything so you know where everything is, but if you’re use to the area soon enough or remember where everything is after one glance of something, you may not need a map after all, but you should have one anyways, so you’d know where everything is and not end up at the wrong booth or anything.

5. Have fun!



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