About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog!


I’m Megan Fry, but people like to call me ‘Peggy’ as a nickname, so you can call me either one. I’m a Professional Wrestler from the United Kingdom under the alias ‘Miss Peggy’ (My ‘Peggy’ nickname was the main inspiration for my wrestling name) and for those who are wondering, no I don’t regret using that name. Another fact about me is that I am on the Autistic Spectrum (I was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism when I was little), which is pretty rare for a wrestler to be Autistic, but it is more known about in males rather than in females. But I am who I am and nothing will change that.

I wanted to do blogging an have my own blog for a really long time because I wanted to Divas Championshiphave my own space to feel free and say what I want, whether my opinions were popular or not, and I did find my love for Writing when I was in Secondary School and I did Creative Writing and FanFiction as a way to let my imagination come out. Then I found on Social Media that some people have made their own blogs and wrote about all of their thoughts and their opinions and those people felt free because of it. But even though I’ve got no experience in journalism or website creating and I wasn’t qualified to do any of that professionally, I still wanted to have a go at making and running a blog, and I did. But the main thing I learnt about running a blog is that it’s about giving yourself a voice and showing everyone the real you. Kind of like if you have a YouTube Channel, but the only difference is you’re typing things down instead of talking to a camera and editing footage you’ve done of yourself doing it. Then before I finished education all together, I did go through a part of my life that made me feel like crap and I had to shut out a tons of things in my life (Including blogging) and I had to remove my first ever blog and didn’t do blogging or Social Networking for a bit. Then things got better and I wanted to get back into blogging, but finding the right time was the difficult part, until I first got in a Professional Wrestling ring and decided to do a blog about my life.


Here you will see everything about myself and my life behind the character I portray as in the squared circle because I figured it would be interesting to share some behind the scenes from the wrestling events I’ll do in the future as well as a bit of my real life away from the ring. So that stuff will contain life events that happen in my life, some of my interests and hobbies, some bits of information about myself that you may or may not already know and possibly some personal stuff, but not too personal, unless it’s appropriate enough to be on here and then you’ll get to read it all on here. But other than that, hopefully you’ll get to see and witness everything I share, whether it’s the interesting things, the boring things, the exciting things or the lame things.

Well make sure you check out my blog and I will see you either on the web or at my next wrestling event.



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